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Name: Ryan
Sex: Male
Birthday: February 4th
Location: Franklin, WI
Hometown: Sheboygan Falls, WI
Birthplace: Sheboygan, WI
Hair: Red
Eye Color: Green/Blue
Favorite Color: Green
High School: Sheboygan Falls, Leonardtown, Sheboygan South
Occupation: Student (LTC) & Full Time (Alight Associates, Orlando, FL)

contact info

AOL: GreatRyRy (Send Message)
Yahoo: Sheabay99 (Send Message)
MSN: thedude99@ charter.net
ICQ: 2123316

my entries

My FF team are Super Bowl Bound December 16th 2003 - 6:43pm CST

FF, Super Bowl Logo The regular fantasy football season is through. The Playoffs are done. There is only one game left. My FF Team, who went through the regular season and playoffs with a record of 11-5 will host the M&M Money Makers (9-7) My DD team will go to the Super Bowl with Steve McNair at QB, Jamal Lewis and Edgerrin James will be the RB's, Laveranues Coles and Peter Warrick will be the WR's, Todd Heap will play at TE, the Kick will be Sebastian Janikowski and the defense will be the Seattle unit, where on defense and special teams, only touchdowns get points. My FF team enter the super bowl with the number one over power ranking. They've been either one or two all season, never having dropped below second. They also enter the season finale with the league high in points scored with 708. Second and third high, which were tied, were 684. My FF Team also rank first overall in passing and first overall in rushing, a tough feat. Other stats that are invaluable, but interesting. Against the league, I have a total record of 100-65 overall, which is the best in the league. Another note, against the M&M Money Makers, I have a 9-6 winning advantage and defeated him in our only season matchup in Week 7 at home, 37-23. Since I own the best record in the league, I have acquired homefield advantage for the Super Bowl, and have not played an away game in five weeks. Talk about homefield advantage!

WeenVision October 21st 2003 - 1:40am CST

After Hasslin' and houndin', Weens Vid is finally online! See It in WeenVision! Click here or go to http://www.msryry.com/ween.html.

DVD Ratings July 28th 2003 - 2:53am CST

After months of pondering how I would do it and what the stars would look like and all other factors, I have finally gone ahead and made a less than great looking page devoted to rating my DVD's. I rated them on a four star movie rating system. There are 31 movies that meet the criteria for the four star rating basis currently. That means not even one in every ten movies that I buy are perfect. Four stars is a tough accolade to accomplish. If you would like to view the page you can access it by clicking DVD's above, and then clicking on the link or by clicking here! The web site version has been bumped up to 3.05 because of this addition.

JavaScript Update March 5th 2003 - 1:11pm CST

I'm sure you can see the updates if you have visited this site before. However, if you haven't been here before I'll dispell that information right now. The first thing I have added is a JavaScript clock. That took a lot of coding to get it to work like it is now. If you aren't in central time, it will display your correct time, however, it will still say CT for Central Time. I didn't think of a way for it to determine time standards yet, but if I do, you can be sure to know it will be added! The next thing added was a JavaScript to randomly load a picture of my friends. It currently loads eight different friends, however I'm sure it will encompass many more. It's still in it's rookie days! Version updated to 3.04 after these updates. Check back frequently for more news and updates!

22nd Birthday/Updates February 4th 2003 - 2:42am CST

Today I turned 22! Yay, but oh well, it's not always fun to have a birthday. I liked being 21 but I guess the year for that cycle is done. I'm hella bummed on many things and also hella pumped on others. If you know me then I'm sure you know about all of them. However, I am pumped to be playing CYO basketball in Spring '03 with my good old friend, Jason Goetz. OFY (oh fuck yeah) on that! In other news, I have made a few minor updates to a couple of pages on here. I also changed a way the css is run a little, not too much. I updated the Movies link and the About Me link, so check them out above! Version updated to 3.03. Always code that could be fixed, but not right now! As always, keep updated on my LiveJournal for more updates!

New Pics! December 8th 2002 - 6:43pm CST

Well I finally have added Pictures to my 2002 Picture Page. I don't know how good they actually are, however it really needed more pictures and now it got them. All is well when more pics get put up, that is for sure. Not much else in the news. To keep updated, be sure to use the LiveJournal link above.

The NEW news?! August 27th 2002 - 12:36pm CST

Not a lot of NEW news, but lets go at it anyways, shall we. School started on the 20th, so I'm back to trying to do 4 things at once again. The Football Season is here this Friday, the 30th, and it's my sixth season working on the webpage. Also, Hunters Safety Education starts next Tuesday, so I'll be booked this Fall. And I still will work between 20-26 hours a week. Yikes! In other news, I have finally finished adding my mp3 files to the list! So now...what the list says is what the list is. I had about 200 or so to add. It took a few sitting. Yipes! The DVD list is updated at least once a week. Not updated right now, since I bought a new DVD today, but I'm sure it will be updated by tomorrow. If anyone really cares, please stand up until I am done counting all the people standing...

N-E-W-S! Goo Goo Dolls and Whats NEW?! August 8th 2002 - 9:55pm CST

It's been awhile since I've added an entry in here, and I figure with all that has been going on it is time. First things first: I have decided to move the entire football site over from the tripod server to this one. Now this is a dangerous move if I ever decide to stop using my website, cuz then i'll have to move it all back, but thats how it goes eh! In other news, I went to the Goo Goo Dolls concert on August 6th at the Marcus Amphitheater in Milwaukee, WI. Vanessa Carlton opened and Third Eye Blind followed. It was one hell of a combination as it was all over when Vanessa Carlton started singing 'Paint It Black'! From that point on, the night was better and better! Anyways, the three of them have been added to the concerts page. Also, I have put links to my LiveJournal and my Dvd List on the links bar on the top. They will be accessable from anywhere in the site as soon as possible! I guess thats all I really have to update for right now. School starts August 20th, Football starts August 30th, and Hunters Safety starts September 8th!

Site Updates: Major and Minor Fixes April 30th 2002 - 4:31am CST

I've been updating my pages, and fixing broken code all over the place, and also condensing code that didn't need to be so big. I have fixed the concerts page and incorporated the sfhs football page. i don't know how much of the sfhs football page will be incorporated and only time will tell about that issue. I do know that the 2002 season will be my last, as i will be ritiring the sfhs football website done by MadSouth Inc. If someone else were to do it after that, they cannot do so under MadSouth Inc. Last, but not least, the site version number has gone from v.3 to v.3.01 and now it's at v.3.02. Much more can be done to fix the page, but it will be done in leaps and bounds rather than all-at-once. Final note, at the top, i have installed an imood indicator. this will be able to tell you my mood and will hopefully be a good addition to msryry.com. Check back soon for more updates.

Splash Screens Galore April 26rd 2002 - 4:04pm CST

Lately, I've been doing more work with Adobe Photoshop. I have made multiple splash screens. All of which can be located on my site by looking hard enough. They aren't that great yet, but i'm always exploring new ways to enhance my graphic design abilities. There are many ways to think of msryry.com: relaxing, a need, good, and even out there. Regardless of how you think of msryry.com, it will remain a growth in my graphic design skills. I hope to get my page to be a work of art. A masterpiece. In the future, I also plan to work with Flash. Keep checking back for more updates.

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