Keith Started Out Cute
Keith in Pajamas!
Here Keith is really young, but still very innocent!
Nicks and Bruises Were Just A Part of Life for Keith!

      Keith, at the youngest of ages, was always a rough little boy. He hurt himself on many occasions when young, and even needed stitches at a young age. He was one of the proudest little boys around, though. Living in a house by the highway with no one around sort of made it hard for Keith and I to find any kids to play with other than me. We didn't always play either! But, up until we moved to Green Acres, we had to rough it out.
      When we moved to Green Acres Drive, we met the first real friend we would have in Augie H. He lived directly next door, and we played with him a lot. We fought over him at times too. Keith ended up winning, at least in my mind. He always seemed to get the friends. When our other neighbor moved out, the Fields' family moved in. Andy immediately joined our threesome, and we become, well, a foursome. We played outside a lot...which included activities that we weren't allowed to do...but did anways. Those activities came more in years to come though. We mainly stayed in the general area. Keiths favorite toy was G.I. Joe. He loved them...and made us keep them. Keith was a cute young boy, who, like any other little boy, was just learning in his early years. He did learn, too, and at a fast pace. For what it's worth, Keith, we still have the G.I. Joes.

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