30 Apr 2002 @ 4:31 AM 

I’ve been updating my pages, and fixing broken code all over the place, and also condensing code that didn’t need to be so big. I have fixed the concerts page and incorporated the sfhs football page. i don’t know how much of the sfhs football page will be incorporated and only time will tell about that issue. I do know that the 2002 season will be my last, as i will be ritiring the sfhs football website done by MadSouth Inc. If someone else were to do it after that, they cannot do so under MadSouth Inc. Last, but not least, the site version number has gone from v.3 to v.3.01 and now it’s at v.3.02. Much more can be done to fix the page, but it will be done in leaps and bounds rather than all-at-once. Final note, at the top, i have installed an imood indicator. this will be able to tell you my mood and will hopefully be a good addition to msryry.com. Check back soon for more updates.

Posted By: Ryan
Last Edit: 19 May 2007 @ 01:40 PM

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