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Jet (July 4th, 2004)
      Albums by Jet:

Rooney (July 4th, 2004)
      Albums by Rooney:

311 (July 3rd, 2004)
      Albums by 311:

Dashboard Confessional (July 2nd, 2004)
      Albums by Dashboard Confessional:

Pyromania (July 1st, 2004)

Pump (July 1st, 2004)

Live (June 26th, 2004)
      Albums by Live:

LeAnn Rimes (June 25th, 2004)
      Albums by LeAnn Rimes:

The Darkness (June 24th, 2004)
      Albums by The Darkness:

Evanescence (July 6th, 2003)
      Albums by Evanescence:

Good Charlotte (July 6th, 2003)
      Albums by Good Charlotte:

Hoobastank (July 6th, 2003)
      Albums by Hoobastank:

Goo Goo Dolls (August 6th, 2002)
      Albums by Goo Goo Dolls:

Third Eye Blind (August 6th, 2002)
      Albums by Third Eye Blind:

Vanessa Carlton (August 6th, 2002)
      Albums by Vanessa Carlton:

Jewel (July 2nd, 2002)
      Albums by Jewel:

3 Doors Down (July 6th, 2001)
      Albums by 3 Doors Down:

Lifehouse (July 6th, 2001)
      Albums by Lifehouse:

Tantric (July 6th, 2001)
      Albums by Tantric:

Collective Soul (May 15th, 2001)
      Albums by Collective Soul:

Five For Fighting (May 15th, 2001)
      Albums by Five For Fighting:

Third Eye Blind (July 8th, 2000)
      Albums by Third Eye Blind:

Splender (July 8th, 2000)
      Albums by Splender:

No Doubt (July 7th, 2000)
      Albums by No Doubt:

Lit (July 7th, 2000)
      Albums by Lit:

Stroke 9 (July 6th, 2000)
      Albums by Stroke 9:

Nickelback (July 6th, 2000)
      Albums by Nickelback:

Matthew Sweet (July 4th, 2000)
      Albums by Matthew Sweet:

3 Doors Down (July 4th, 2000)
      Albums by 3 Doors Down:

Oasis (April 16th, 2000)
      Albums by Oasis:

Lit (March 20th, 2000)
      Albums by Lit:

Save Ferris (March 20th, 2000)
      Albums by Save Ferris:

Third Eye Blind (March 19th, 2000)
      Albums by Third Eye Blind:

Tonic (March 19th, 2000)
      Albums by Tonic:

Vertical Horizon (February 24th, 2000)
      Albums by Vertical Horizon:

Stroke 9 (February 24th, 2000)
      Albums by Stroke 9:

Radford (February 24th, 2000)
      Albums by Radford:

Spacehog (July 5th, 1998)
      Albums by Spacehog:

The Verve Pipe (June 26th, 1997)
      Albums by The Verve Pipe:
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